Terena Scott

Terena is a writer, memoirist, caregiver, teacher and unapologetic book hoarder. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

me in a yellow dress walking through a doorway with a sign above it that says New Beginnings. Taken at Burning Man in the desert.

Terena teaches orientation and mobility and creative arts to children with severe disabilities, including vision loss. She reads stories with descriptive images on You Tube for children with low vision.

Me smiling. My daughter looks a lot like me.

Writings of Interest

flier for play, Prince Charming

Poster for the Staged Reading of my play “Prince Charming”

Having my play read by such excellent actors was thrilling and helped me come up with ideas to make it even better! The audience loved it and gave me good feedback. Time to submit this again!

One of the books I published through my press, Medusa’s Muse.

an anthology of true tales about the ways Punk Rock was a positive force in people’s lives. Submissions from all over the world! I loved working on this project!