Reclaiming the joy of writing while being a caregiver.

Because of my husband’s cancer fight, my writing productivity has dropped. When I try working on my book my brain freezes and it takes hours to write a page. Before, the words flew through my fingers, but now they drip like melting snow on a roof.

I’ve decided that’s okay.

Somewhere along this road of creating a publishing company and editing business I lost the joy of writing. My work had to be useful, meaningful… productive. I didn’t allow myself the luxury of sipping strong coffee in a cafe while writing bad poetry no one would read.  “What are you writing?” sounded like a challenge; I’d better have an answer and several good pages to show.

I’m still working. Currently I’m writing a middle grade chapter book and a rough draft for my memoir. I’m also researching drag queen culture for a new play. Writing is in my blood. But instead of worrying about word counts and productivity, I’m relaxing into the process of writing. The outcome isn’t important right now.

My energy is needed to help my husband fight cancer and my child transition into adulthood. Therefore, I’m reclaiming the joy of writing, which includes several pages of awful poetry.

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