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Terena Scott

Terena Scott

Terena is a Book Doctor, Playwright, and the publishing “queen bee” behind Medusa’s Muse, an independent press located in Mendocino County, California. When not publishing, she writes plays, essays, and books supporting independent artists. Currently she is writing a memoir about raising a special needs child. Terena also teaches workshops on self-publishing and creativity.

Contact: medusasmuseATgmailDOTcom (you humans know what to do)

What is a memoir/book doctor?

Having trouble finishing your memoir, or wondering why it just doesn’t feel right? Discovered your book has a big problem but you don’t know how to solve it? Feel like your story isn’t compelling enough? Then it’s time to call Doctor Terena. A book doctor, otherwise known as a Development Editor, helps you see the “big picture” of your book so you can unravel the plot, pacing and other problems keeping you from creating your best work. Think a memoir doesn’t need a plot? Big mistake.

Terena charges $1 per page for developmental editing, plus $25.00 an hour for consultation and feedback (1 hour minimum for written feedback). She specializes in memoir.

Terena is not a copy-editor, but she works with an excellent copy editor at Medusa’s Muse, named Jane Mackay.

Below is Terena’s standard editing agreement.

Book Development/Editorial Agreement

This agreement is between Terena Scott (“Editor”) and  (“Client”) and concerns the following manuscript:
Working title:

Length and description of manuscript:


The Editor agrees to do the following on the manuscript: Editor will read and evaluate the manuscript and offer suggestions to make the manuscript stronger. Editor will evaluate writing technique, pacing, prose, character, plot, and mechanics. Editor will not make corrections and will not provide copy-editing. Editor will provide written feedback within the manuscript and a separate report with the manuscript.


The manuscript is to be delivered to the Editor by the Client on or before (date).

The projected schedule for completion of the Editor’s work is as follows: two weeks of delivery from Client if less than 75 pages. Four weeks if greater than 75 pages.


The agreed-upon editorial fee of $1.00 per page plus $25.00 is to be paid by the Client to the Editor in the following manner: PayPal link will be sent to Client upon completion of work. Editor will return manuscript and provide analysis of manuscript once Client has paid. Client must pay Editor within 2 weeks of completion.

Signature of Editor:


Signature of Client:


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