Classes for Teachers and Caregivers

Advocacy: How to Find the Answers when you don’t even know the Questions

This interactive class will show you how to advocate for yourself or a loved one who has a disability. By focusing on the person’s own needs and desires, you will learn to make a plan, build a team, and find the answers to help you lead a self-actualized life. With plenty of sharing and discussion from participants, this class will provide concrete steps for creating an action plan.


Practical Strategies to Support Independence

Is a friend or a family member dealing with vision loss? How best can you support that person without either doing too much or too little? This class provides specific “rules” on how to help your loved one without treating them like an invalid. Common visual problems such as glare, low light, and night blindness are explained and suggestions on how to support the person with vision loss are provided. Plus, “Human Guide” and other basic mobility techniques are demonstrated. At the end of this class, you’ll have the tools you need to be an advocate for your loved one.

Here is me giving this class at the LHON conference in Summer, 2017. I was nervous!



How can an Itinerant Teacher build an Educational Team?

Teachers who travel from school site to school site can have trouble being part of a student’s educational team. How can an itinerant teacher support their student in only one hour a week? This class will discuss the common problems itinerant teachers have and what they can do to build a strong team so the student’s IEP goals are achieved. Strategies on communication and identifying key people will be explored. Teachers will come away from this class with ideas and a greater confidence in their ability to work with school staff.





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